Odyssey Yacht Crab

That ended our trip. During three weeks aboard the yacht-tri 'Crab', passed under sail more than 350 km from the small village of measured, on the banks of Kama, near Kazan, to the outskirts of . To be honest, the weather We did not indulge. The first week of a very strong head wind and big waves, we could not pass the area of the Kama mouth, of one of the most extensive areas of the Volga near Kazan, the width of the river is 30 km. Wind ripped off the foam with white lambs waves in some places lost sight of the shore – a full sense that you are at sea.

When the element is particularly rampant, we have to hide in small bays or find shelter among the many islands, where the excitement is almost not felt. These displaced parking lot and we tried not to waste time in vain – made a sortie into the caves and catacombs Yurievsky – a popular place for training climbers, rock-and manholes cavers. Banks of the Volga are high, rocky, steep, landscape is reminiscent of something-ming is the Crimean Mountains, the Carpathian Poloniny. Rocky beaches are very beautiful abound-mi Druze variety of calcite, and meadows – thickets delicious strawberries, spread out a carpet. We were not alone in our ordeal – in a few days rushing from one to the other bank of the Volga