Potrero Japepo

Zarate Isla, which is a community Luquenos. Upon this construction also changes the meaning, as the translation ( Zarate Island) is "the Island or Zarate Zarate. 2.9. Place names with "Potrero": this is another word that means Castilian or location for breeding, resting and feeding of horses (colts). It is an expression widely used in Paraguay. Here I note some examples of words with pasture. 1. Potrero Yvate (December 25 – San Pedro) is named for Hall located on a hill or upper zone (Yvate).

The renowned journalist Ruben Mario Alvarez is a native of Potrero Yvate 2. Potrero Japepo (Jose Leandro Oviedo a "Itapua): in this case, the word refers to japepo urn used by the Indians to bury their dead. 3. Potrero Telescope (Juty a "Ka'asapa): Here both terms are Spaniards. However, in a picturesque fact, it is worth saying that local residents are monolingual Guarani born.

He was named telescope because there is a hill in its middle part is crossed by a road, and seen from a distance looks like a lot a telescope. The site is located between Jaitaty and 3 May, on the road that connects San Francisco with Juty. 2.10. Place names with "Loma": this word means Castilian high place or site or located at a height but is not a hill. The following are some examples of words with hill. 1. Loma Grande: Castilian meets two terms. In fact the term refers to a large rise in elevation, yet very large.