Rafting Turbulent

Rafting can be called an extreme sport in which your body simply saturate adrenaline. In addition to the bravery, courage and a little bit of madness, there are important qualities such as speed and accuracy of thinking. Actually needed at least for a moment ahead of the rushing stream of water with a huge, fantastic, accurately predict the next turn of events, and then just as quickly take the appropriate action (work oar moving through the vessel grab the rope, turn your feet forward in the stream, etc.). In the most boring description, rafting is the overcoming of obstacles in turbulent rapids rivers. Means of transportation are the most diverse objects.

In the classic version they are rafts – frameless inflatable boat. That they are most comfortable during the rafting on the turbulent, with lots of rapids, the rivers. On these boats floated, usually from four people. They are arranged on the sides of the raft and using oars trying to operate the vessel. "Try" because in a turbulent flow before the rapids, the whirlpool, "drums" and so on to manage the oars almost impossible.

In these cases, you must very quickly move focus to a vessel in order to prevent it from tipping over. Just as, for example, mountaineering, rafting to have their "Chomolungma. All rivers, depending the power flow divided into two types: 1. Specifications – 200 cubic meters / second. 2. Consumables – over 200 cubic meters / second, respectively, other things being equal, the first type is safer than the second.