Reservations Government

Buenos Aires, may 2008 Argentina29 talking with a friend, commented you how serious that was from my point of view, the problem between the field and the Argentine Government, which he ironically replied: at least have $50,000 of international reserves in the Central Bank. Without hesitation an instant retorted with a few words that left him a bit disoriented: Yes, the truth is that I do not know what would have happened if it were not those reservations does relate the conflict between the Government and the Argentine countryside with the policy of accumulating reserves of the BCRA? It seems that there is much to do, but it really does, and much. It is that if not for the volume of international reserves of the BCRA, the conflict between the Argentine Government and the field could have unleashed a crisis of major proportions. The Argentine journalism can not complain with the Government of Cristina. It is that journalists have almost no time to get bored since the events unfold at an extraordinary speed. Such is the pace of events that leave no time to stop at the many unusual situations that occur a trade unionist who on the one hand negotiates salaries with the Government at the time that acts as a shock against the field strength, an economy Minister who barely knows his name, a few mobile retentions that endure despite the fact that his father creator is no longer in the Governmenta crazed price index showing that all is well, etc and etc and etc when took on Cristina, expectations were many, since it could not continue with the direction that was bringing the economy. Expect many changes, but: what was happening with the Argentine economy? Let’s see: The first thing that must be said at this point is that the inflationary problems in no time were attacked (or someone heard a pronouncement thereon?), and is why they increased and seems that they are now gaining dynamism. .