Rodrigo Trigosso

Although an attack dog may also have functions of guardian, guard dogs are not always suitable for the attack. The function of a guard dog is to warn when it detects the presence of a strange chase that person. These dogs do not need to attack the person. Therefore, many small breeds can be used to guard, but are completely useless for the attack. In fact, a miniature schnauzer or a miniature pinscher could be excellent while guards are excellent pets.

Of course, none of these dogs would be useful if necessary to attack a thief. Are attack dogs dangerous? The question is very common: "My dog is dangerous if trained to attack? A poorly trained attack dog is always dangerous. Just be a neurotic dog that attacks anyone without reason. However, a well-trained dog may not be dangerous. I say "can not" because it depends on your guide and owner. An experienced person who knows the dog can be monitored at any time and, most importantly, know to predict the reactions of your dog. In this way, you can avoid risky situations and their dog is not dangerous. On the other hand, a well trained attack dog is dangerous if the owner or guide does not have enough experience or do not know well the dog.

So if you decide to train your dog to attack, first you have to train yourself. Perhaps the best way to do this is participate in a dog club in which to practice sports like Schutzhund, Mondi Ring, Belgian Ring, etc. These sports have high standards and well defined, so that its practitioners tend to be persons experienced in the training and knowledgeable about canine aggression. Usually dogs are trained for such sports dogs very reliable and safe. Of course, this is because their owners and their guides are knowledgeable in canine behavior and know their dogs to perfection. Are attack dogs necessary? Leaving aside the dog sports mentioned above, where the attack plays only a part, the utility of attack dogs is questionable. A dog will always be at a disadvantage compared to the current weapons, so its usefulness as a defense mechanism has declined sharply since they began to use attack dogs. A dog is completely useless against a gun. On the other hand, a dog is not 100% reliable under conditions of great stress (such as assault), even when well trained. However, attack dogs can be very useful as deterrent weapons. In my opinion, the attack dogs are a liability rather than an asset for a civilian. I think the attack dogs can have their place in the military troops in the ranks of the police and of course in some dog sports, but not between the common pets. Rodrigo Trigosso is bi logo and dog trainer. He is currently the editor of the tutorial where you can find all information n you're looking for.