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Posted February 10th, 2017 by Sandra

The boom which last time can be found in all walks of life: Fashion, design, music, lifestyle, and that great because: it is affordable for everyone! Every year we see many new proposals and ideas, the fashion magazines and international catwalks but often is unfortunately prohibitive for many and it remains at the “look but not touch”. But there is a trend in the last few years, which is hardly to imagine: the phenomenon of “Vintage”. The boom which last time can be found in all walks of life: Fashion, design, music, lifestyle, and that great because: it is affordable for everyone! Zankyou presents you the trend of “Vintage” and shows you how this trend affects on the bridal, and all topics that have to do with the wedding. Exactly what does vintage mean? The term “Vintage”, which originally coined (from the old French “vendenge” = harvest) was for the designation of wines from the best vintages, is currently synonymous with ancient objects, to for its quality and value to describe. To bear the name ‘Vintage’, the objects must be at least twenty years old and can come from all walks of life. All of these articles have in common that they still hold even after so many years; Have charm, functionality, quality and aesthetics. In the fashion is “Vintage” either a piece of clothing from an older collection of designer or one used”styled fashion (used to look artificial holes torn bodies, washed out colors).

Vintage boom also the sector wedding arrived in the vintage fashion: the true boom of the year 2000 the vintage boom has the greatest influence in the field of fashion and design. Just in the world of fashion “Vintage style” (in the sense of retro) established in 2001 due to an appearance of the film actress Julia Roberts at the Oscars in a nearly 20-year-old Valention dress. The designation “Vintage” is used very often for purposes of price increases for items, not necessarily antiques in the closer Senses are but simple “Second-Hand”. “Vintage trailers” show respect for tradition and love of the true value. Table decoration in the retro-style bringing “Vintage wedding” of the “vintage” trend that has spread first in America and in Europe as well, also the bride a variety of possibilities: wedding dresses with embroidery, lace, Veil, retro details, hats, gloves, and many, many other details, influenced by the trends of the late nineteenth century until back to the 1990s, with a few trips in the 1960s wedding dresses in the Jackie Kennedy-style, and in the 1970s – as some brides in a miniskirt to the altar steps. Copyright Sposamania the designer of wedding dresses adapt to the trend and already pieces of the retro past offered us an increasing number of major brands/designers. The Zankyou magazine are we publish more articles, specifically on the subject of “Vintage” and will give you a selection of the most beautiful retro items for your wedding present. Forward to Accessories for the bride (gloves, shoes, bridal bouquets, hand bags,), not to mention the bridal gowns and vintage veils. For every taste, something will be, also for those who are planning a vintage wedding.

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