Voice of Teachers

The voice of teachers – beyond four drills and performances to exit the step – is excluded from the debate on education reforms, educational projects or other big decisions that directly affect teachers. The administration isn’t too sensitive when it comes to assessing the actual work of teachers, improve their condition of work or listen to their demands. 7 So mentioned teaching autonomy is diluted or erased by the increasingly powerful administrative colonization and bureaucratic school. Education is becoming more conditioned and regulated – curriculum, evaluation, times, spaces, the Organization and functioning of the centres, etc.- and removes freedom teams of teachers and educational communities to build pedagogically differentiated educational projects. 8.

The new curricula of the 1990s have resulted in the master’s death and the triumph of the specialist. In this way, many students acquire from good beginning this new profile of physical education specialist, music or special, which consolidated when they access the centres, to the integrated in the cloisters. 9. The real failure, removed some exceptions, for the training of teachers with respect to achieve a new innovative professional culture and a change of habits and attitudes that will make possible a change in their school practices and life in workplaces and classrooms. In addition, this training is often highly fragmented and lacks the focus of a global vision of childhood, school and education.

Somehow, we have witnessed a continuation – express or implied – that death of the teacher and the triumph of the specialist to which we referred in the previous point. 10. The fact that everyone feels authorized to criticize and question the school and master’s work. To unlike what happens with other trades and professions where it recognizes the existence of a specific knowledge acquired through training and experience, teaching seems that this recognition does not exist and think that it is a field where common sense, practice as educators the proximity that gives experience as student or family are cultural sufficient capital by being able to question teachers of equals. This position will be reaffirming to the extent that cultural medium of the population increases. Just do not understand that the art or science are also acquired with the study, and this, naturally, demoralizes faculty. Conclusions? Only three brief: to) recover the pride of be and do master with everything that this implies. (b) investigate and analyze more thoroughly these and other reasons for low self-esteem, making use of the thinking that is based on the multicausales and complex explanations and not on the four topics that are looking for the easy – or impossible, depending how you look – squaring the circle. (c) transgress, and change in practice everything that prevents teachers have more autonomy, authority and power. The difficulties are big, but the possibilities are immense.