Suarez Government

There is no possible independence without a unit that allows us to determine it. It is not citizens who should be at the service of the institutions of the State, but these institutions at the service of this. But for the? organs of constitutional Social order * can be at the service of everyone, this also has to be at the service of those bodies. Understanding, acceptance and compatibility with the diversity of individual identities as joint integration to its full social realization is essential basis so there is a clear conceptual understanding of the political mediatization as harmony of all practical democratic spirit. All political mediatization of a practical democracy has to go according to cultures, educations and beliefs of the customs with which a given society as expressive conduct is identified to her time and condition of being. If the political philosophy of the Suarez Government was characterized by something was to feel the need of wanting to identify with freedom, with the equality, justice and solidarity of the demos Athenian of the people: democracy. Gear productive as social economic political system should never overlap the needs and human conditions, but has to be equitable to compatibility purposes, efforts and yields that in recognition of its values every individual can feel identified and made in mutual coexistence as integration to consolidate all the diversity of identities that can rely on a common solidarity in its own independence. All practical democracy is a political social and constitutionally applicable mediatization in the rule of law and that the regulatory basis of freedoms has his support on the right *; but is not precisely determined by that right *, but because of the obligations that we have with those rights. Human rights and the obligations that should be to safeguard those rights are what makes it possible for the subsistence of a compatible state integrity of reciprocal values of the diversity of individual identities in the quota framework of all coexistence as so independent institution as a subsidiary to own and common needs and conditions social political human.