Federal Constitution

If for some the system of necessary public health to improve, for others, what it cannot is to have that to pay more therefore. is not contradiction when I say that the CSS is a trick of badly taste, because in fact it is. He is shameful to be voters and to dedicate some time in our agendas to always hear papo pierced of the politicians in campaign, saying the same, informing the voter everything what necessary Brazil and that we are tired to know. But, in the reality, the practical one exactly, after elect, more they will be worried in how many a thousand (or millions, billions, etc) dollar they will be sent to the fiscal paradises, by means of transfer in national underwears. Vocs knew that the resources to be collected with the institution of this tribute are foreseen in approximately 10 billion Reals? Vocs knew that the approval of the Complementary Law that regulates the CSS is foreseen stops after the elections? Doubtful not? It is wanted friends, the institution of the CSS does not come being widely divulged recently accurately not to influence the vote of the voter. The elections are there and the campaigns already are prepared, what we do not have knowledge still is of what it happens in the embroidery frames of the politics, that is, in the underwear of who this money goes to travel. Without counting that the institution of the CSS, in the form intended for the government, intent against what it makes use our Federal Constitution. But who if matters with this? Them parliamentarians? Evident that not.

Nor who will go to pay plus a tribute is if mattering. In the truth we are dressing the fancy of silly of the cut. It will be that I am being very pessimistic? After all, Brazil has skill! It will be that it has same? We tax in them of country of ' ' third mundo' ' , ' ' subdesenvolvidos' ' , but, in the reality, what it does not lack in our safes is money.