Northern Norway Fishing

Fishing at sea is free, license to fish in the rivers at extra charge. Over the last decade has become a very popular king crab fishing. These large crustaceans Fjords of Norway invaded after moving along the coastline of Russia. Further detail on the location of fishing: Fishing Vacations in Northern Norway Fishing in Norway offers world-class recreation. Catching cod, halibut and pollock against the background of beautiful nature. Gulf Stream and the Arctic Ocean creates one of the best marine areas in the world for breeding krill and plankton-based food chain for herring and pollock. Huge cod, halibut, sea feature, catfish and others can be caught in these waters. Fishing for any species of fish is exceptional from May to September.

Most of the cod and halibut can be caught from February to October. For king crab optimum time from September to October, when his claws are filled to 85% of delicious meat. Man enough to eat a hearty two claws, and the day of our fishermen caught no less than 10 crabs per person. So with the tour they returned with a large margin gourmet meat. Salmon and sea trout abound in many fjords, feeding them going on freshwater inflows in May until August before they migrate into freshwater to spawn water. On our tours for salmon can be found on the site. Most often, half the cost of the tour justify our fishermen brought in fish and crabs, and some of the more fortunate or skilled, the entire cost.

Soviet Union

With a weak Zhora walleye live bait and crumples long swallows, clutching his 'bulldog grip' their powerful jaws. Jora is a sign of a weak stiffness inverted cup. This should not be perevertku quickly hooking. Must wait until the perch will Unwinding the woods. A fast sweeps, sometimes when he vyvazhivanii not abatis, throwing live bait. If clubs are equipped with single hooks ( 9-13), also should not rush to cuttings, giving pike perch time swallowing live bait. The best walleye bite – in the summer, from early dawn (with ashen dawn light) and before sunrise, the evening bite, with a sunset until dark.

Closer to the fall walleye begins to take all morning and even during the day, especially in cloudy weather. In spring and autumn to let clubs should not exceed 60 cm from the bottom. In summer, small and medium-sized perches sometimes take a polvody, so at the beginning should catch a few clubs to put with a different descent, but not higher than in polvody and to determine more perevertkam catchability descent. In hot weather the best results come when catching it on the smaller places. The practice refutes the view that the perch zhiruet exclusively at night. At night, it bites more rare. Only in the summer in a short, bright and windless night perch can be successfully catch the sunset and before sunrise. At dusk, it is easy to lose the cup, so when fishing at night in a big pond it is expedient to reduce number of circles and take a stand against the observations for the dawn.

Mugs visible against her reflection in the water. Undercut walleye pike less resists, he never jumps out of the water and very pliable. Large perch sometimes reaching 5 pounds, must calmly and skillfully vyvazhivat take a net or bagorikom. To successfully catch walleye is very important to know the specifics of the reservoir. Absolutely requires accurate measurements of the depth of the entire sink. Catching on strongly terraced floor is hard, but sometimes gives good results. On some waters walleye good takes and early spring. Bite it usually continues until the spawning period, which is in the central part of the Soviet Union takes place in late May. Spawning walleye occurs at a depth of koryazhistyh places, so it is not noticeable. Given the frequent movement of perch in the pond in search of food, mistakenly focus on the former location of his zhirovki. Often perch on them anymore. If one or two Tony futile, it is necessary to change the plot quickly catching on as close as possible to continue to not lose valuable time bite. Preferably, the nearest fishing with cluttered floor. Any lining – a favorite place parking walleye. In windy conditions you should not rush to change Tony, especially long, as the fast moving gear itself is a fish. Fishing for walleye kruzhochnikov has a great interest in sports by their surroundings, technology and quality production. Beginner kruzhochnik under the influence of the first failures should not be disappointed. Success does not come immediately. Improving gear, increasing the powers of observation, studying the habits and characteristics of fish pond acquainted with the experience of the masters, the beginner can and must succeed.