Generally Trading

27.10.2008 10.55 GMT … importantly – find the right antidepressant 🙂 Some people mistakenly believe that every joke has some truth. In fact, everything sounds better in another way: in every joke there is some jokes. Previously, when I wrote reviews, always began with the foundation and finishing techniques. Now the markets a complete nonsense – nobody on the foundation is not paying attention.

Dully is a kind of 'repatriation' in the dollar and the yen (I will not describe the process, as it did in previous reviews). AND plyuvat everything yenovye perekotirovali cross-rates of 20-30%. I mean, these percentages are literally wrote 2 weeks ago – Butsko! and already there! The situation became such that buy the dollar at these lower levels is as idiotic as well buy evru against such trend – a square of idiocy. It is the same can be said about the crosses. There is still such a moment. Set a standard stop at the Jews 40-50pp brrr it's called – with such volatility would get two bills (2-3 minutes, literally). Nos.

150-200 put to nadegi, this is too much for MM. Open without stops, based on the average, it just do pipe-work. Now, if that, and open, so only portions of lots from 0.1-0.3 feet 150-200pp. I think now is the best option. And the best not only because of increased volatility. There is another important point. People are already accustomed to, or start to get used to the movement for an hour at 200-300 nn is normal (that is, for example, the pound-yen Friday from high to low 5.20! Figures).