A collective crime of cosmic dimensions one year has passed the celebration of World animal day, a celebration that year after year defends the consideration that every animal has rights and that disregard and contempt for such rights have led and continues to lead the man to commit crimes against nature and the animals. In 1977, was proclaimed the Declaration Universal rights of animals that they later adopted both the UN and UNESCO, something that would have brought a change in this respect, but what has changed since then in our treatment towards the rest of living beings that inhabit the planet Earth? Nothing. It is true that the animals that are the victims of the meat industry, lead a miserable existence in dark and narrow stables. By fear and aggression they maim each other. Call them living conditions that make really go crazy, what demands the constant application of psychotropic drugs and antibiotics.

One-third of victims get sick anyway and He died already in the pen. Torture in the stables of ageing in mass is followed by the painful way to slaughterhouses. Many animals reach the destination with the broken bones, wounds and bruises. At the slaughterhouse is then waiting for final martyrdom. An indescribable fear seizes the victims, when they are pushed through the narrow corridors, to be numbed and sacrificed. They stop over and over again and they shout, but they are pushed by them that come back, they are also atizadas to go ahead.

The animals that we eat not, submit to unnecessary torture in laboratories. Get sick them, opera, transplanted and amputates, are injected poison in the womb or in the lungs, or pass through the skulls and brains with metal rods. Annually 300 millions of animals around the world through experiments were exterminated. And for not neglecting any aspect of animal life, already only in Germany 300,000 hunters kill annually 5 million animals how many will die in Spain with 1 million hunters? Millions of animals that they live freely in the forests and fields, they are murdered by means of traps, with shots of pellets or with shots of deformation which make them suffer terribly for hours. Man bathes in the blood of animals conspecifics to satiate your appetite for meat and hunting his desire to kill. This seems most natural, because they think that animals are here to kill them and eat them. The tradition, which prevents us from recognizing how monstrous is the regime of terror that upstart man exerts on this earth wants it. If not we would have numbed our conscience, we notice that it is a collective crime of cosmic dimensions, which will not be without consequences for the development of humanity, if this does not depart from it.