The Fall

The championismo of our provincial Championships is another cause that goes against the normal development of this and other positions within baseball, stages and methodological in teaching steps, are violated forgetting many times such important aspects in the process as the correction of errors, we ducked with good results and overlook the athlete who is the most damaged since it is who puts errors to categories as above where it will be more difficult to correct them. According to some specialists the most common mistakes that presented the pitchers in these categories are:-bad grip on the ball. -Evil pendulum leg work. -Errors in the fall. Although there are other errors which are not considered as fundamental but also committed by some pitchers of this category are:-do not bend the pivot leg. -Do not throw over his shoulder. It is necessary to consider that this work of education of our sport, since the beginning of the child in sport areas should be planned with greatest possible seriousness, which is a systematic, patient work and at the same time requiring a painstaking consecration to give conducive, accurate and educational attention that is necessary at this stage. In the case specific launchers is necessary to find a good physique, muscle strength and power reserves which are vital in all Launcher qualities; a good height and an acceptable weight, with long arms and big hands for a better grip of the ball are additional conditions that favor it, the mechanics of movements and speed in shipping are very important factors already that the lack of control in the releases is the result of poor coordination of those elements, which contribute effectively to the improvement of the control through rhythmic and joint work. The basic purpose of these elements is to generate momentum and speed on the arm of the Launcher, through coordinated and action rhythm of different parts of the body involved in the launch.