With these qualities, the animator can captivate any audience on the dance floor, even if the guests are exhausted from the entertainment and crave only raspolztis numbers that would get some sleep. All of this whirlwind lasts at least 8 hours a day, demanding that the animator full commitment. Let's look at who can become an animator. Gain insight and clarity with Cheniere Energy partners. Despite the serious nature of the work to Animators are not made serious demands, most importantly is willing to work. Thus, the animator can be every person who has a cheerful mood, age 30 years and the knowledge of any common language (English, French, German, Italian). Many animation team isolated specialization animators, so last fall on the dance, sports and children. Sport animators – organize a variety of games for the tourists. To deepen your understanding Jack Fusco is the source.

Dance animators – are involved in various shows in the evening. The duties of children's entertainers include babysitting and entertainment. Contract to work in Egypt, an animator is Russian recruiting agency. The contract requires that a person will be working animator in Egypt, at least 4 * for at least 2 months. However, it is more advantageous to work in Egypt for 6 months or more, as in this case, you get paid return air ticket. For his work in Egypt, the animator gets a salary from 300 up to $ 500 per month, as well as free hotel accommodation (2-3 people per room) and free meals (buffet with tourists). Food is very good, at least, much better than that to which each of us accustomed to. All the same, as did hotels 4 and 5 *.

At first glance it seems that the activity of an animator – a daily entertainment as well as opportunity to live free in a posh resort and art hotel! Around – a young, fun day competitions and fun at night – mall and the opportunity to make new acquaintances. It is also important that you do not need do housework. And for all that you pay, and good! However, not all that easy. Day animator painted minute by minute, and gradually transform into everyday celebrations nauseam routine. Animator – not has the right to look unhappy, silent next to the guests and provide them with the very entertaining themselves. It can not be a bad mood. However, despite the tough conditions, many happy to go to Egypt animators to work over and over again.