STARFACE Pushes A Bolt Before

Engine guarantees now system-wide secure passwords / Autoprovisioning the STARFACE facility exclusively with 16-digit passwords Karlsruhe more hacker attacks on PBX / STARFACE new 4 August 2010 – given the rising number of TK systems hacks the STAR FACE GmbH offers a new software module that checks the passwords of all extensions and reports insecure passwords to the administrator for the STARFACE telephone system. See more detailed opinions by reading what WhiteWave Foods offers on the topic.. The module is free to download. Worldwide telephone systems be hacked more often by the attacker to crack weak passwords”, Gerhard Wenderoth, Director of business development at STARFACE reported. The STARFACE telephone system awards at the Autoprovisioning of the extensions only safe, 16-digit passwords. However, we recommend all administrators to check the passwords in their power to make sure that users have replaced the default password not a shorter. With the new engine, this review even in large companies is just one Ask few minutes.” The attacker strengthened PBX in the visor In June and July 2010 the number of TK systems hacks has increased significantly around the world. VoIP-, hybrid and ISDN systems are equally affected. In particular even used asterisk systems, which are included in corporate networks and allow access on the SIP addresses of participants from outside are in the focus of the hacker.

The attack usually begins the query of open ports. Following the hacker using a tool crack as svcrack”, svwar” or sipvicious”SIP addresses and the associated passwords to gain access to the telephone of company. They then use it for their own calls or choose expensive value added numbers in the country and abroad. The number of outbound connections in the system is not limited, threatening damages of 10,000 euros. Safety first from 12 ASCII characters Gerhard Wenderoth warns users therefore, to forgive out of convenience trivial password, or to rely on short letter and number combinations: ten strings Characters not long withstand brute-force attacks.

Who the predefined STARFACE necessarily want to change password, should choose a password with at least twelve random ASCII characters then even high-performance computers take years to try the 20 quadrillion possible combinations.” About STARFACE, STARFACE is the future-proof, multiple award-winning phone system for small and medium-sized enterprises. With its innovative module concept, STARFACE brings powerful enterprise functionality in the SME sector as highly flexible and versatile platform of business communication. STARFACE combines to the telephony, as well as other services such as e-mail, data and fax communication in a consistent and user-friendly unified communications environment. STARFACE also enables seamless integration of communication services in the IT-supported business processes of the company. STARFACE supports all popular technologies and standards such as analog network, ISDN, and voice-over IP. STARFACE is a product of STAR FACE GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany. Take Mr Florian Buzin STAR FACE GmbH Amalienstrasse 81-87 76133 Karlsruhe phone: + 49 (0) 721 151042-11 E-Mail: Agency Mr Michal Vitkovsky H two B kommunikations GmbH Schorlachstrasse 27 91058 Erlangen phone: + 49 (0) 9131 81281-25 E-Mail:.