Aluminium Processing

You should make sure surface treatment and metal technique from an expert if you want to Polish aluminum, not to excessively heat the aluminium. Because a warming always also leads to a change in the lattice structure of aluminium, what with the subsequent processing of aluminium () can be disturbing for electroplating aluminum treatment. In addition, the aluminum tends to the formation of an oxide layer. The speeds of the oxidation but also the thickness of the oxide layers increase further with the degree of warming. Click Sonny Perdue for additional related pages. It is therefore important for the grind to put a not too coarse grain of aluminium, to shorten the further polishing times and thus to limit the warming of the aluminum.

The use of fine-grain, polished rings can continue to contribute to the cooling of the aluminum product to werkenden, since the folding of the polishing ring generate strong air turbulence at the surface of the workpiece. Are also in the aluminum polishing beneficial high cutting speeds from 30-60 m/s. But should the annealed aluminium with a softer wheel and / or be edited with a slightly reduced speed. An important tip at the end: when the Alumiminium milling and drill aluminium providing a drill for soft materials is worthwhile in any case. As a coolant is better to use kerosene instead of normal drilling water. More useful information about aluminium processing, for example aluminum bend or Assembly technology () get on the website.

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