National Commission Project

One mobilized community of Aysn Port afternoon received from Thursday the executives of Austral Energy who, within the framework of the process of citizen participation of the evaluation of the EIA of the central Cuervo river, presented/displayed the main aspects that, in their opinion, had to know the citizenship. During all the exhibition, that was summoned by the National Commission of the Environment, one stayed bet in one of the wings of the hall audience the Interior de Aysn a group of young people with placards and linen cloths which , Not more destructive projects and By a Chile without + said Patagonia without dams dams, besides some references to his main impellers. In the occasion there were diverse questionings to the project on the part of the presents, which stops the coordinator of the Citizen Coalition Aysn Reserve of Life, Peter Hartmann, who attended the activity, is a sample of which the citizenship of Aysn does not buy these projects thus as well as, since they have tried to give to understand companies, by means of ofertones and prebandage of all type. The leader added who the participants made see the company the incomplete thing him of their study, the one that did not include components of the project evaluated nor them, all of which is crucial for the affected community. In this the camping, the way in the river Tabo, the passage of vehicles, the necessary equipment in Aysn Port is included and Port Chacabuco, the traffic in the fiord, the loss of the spa in Steep Bay. It concluded indicating that while the manager offered 12 MW of cheap energy, it did him to see demagogic and incoherent of this ofertn, since they say that the line is another project, thus would not have like fulfilling this commitment..