VisuKom Shows Trends

The VisuKom Germany GmbH has specialized in security consulting services and offers its comprehensive services for ICT security in the course. The focus is particularly on new technologies. For this reason acts VisuKom always with a view to the future and presented also at the CeBIT 2008 in Hall 9, booth B20, trends and focus on how the new infrastructure hardening workshop and the so-called WirelessRadioDevices analytics. Lectures and live hacks round out the exhibit. By the same author: Sonny Perdue. The focus of the ICT security experts is detecting vulnerabilities and the inter alia on the analysis of network infrastructures, Development of corresponding solutions in cooperation with the customer.

While VisuKom focuses increasingly on modern media. Because topics such as RFID and Bluetooth increasingly in the spotlight. Therefore, VisuKom offers the testing of wireless media (also Cordless keyboards, cameras, mobile devices, etc.) under the title of WirelessRadioDevices analytics. Learn more at: A. F. Chief of Staff . Network and application review on the infrastructure hardening workshop at the CeBIT VisuKom will also be presenting a novelty in the service portfolio: the infrastructure hardening workshop. If the new service to a network – and application review in the character of a workshop.

This will be brought to bear following a proven penetration testing. With a such a test, the specialists of VisuKom intentionally attacking ICT environments to identify possible security holes. The subject content of the workshops are set individually with the participants based on the results of the tests of penetration. Documented security vulnerabilities can then on-the-fly in-depth analyses and in cooperation with the VisuKom consultant will be closed.

Topic Negotiations

“” “” Heard the following highly dubious statements in advance of negotiations often shopping seminars and negotiations at purchase campus when many buyers: look we, what comes out – will somehow go “or I’m always: live and let live” even we meet in the Middle, mainly the price increase is not too high “or win-win is a good solution for both sides”. Many buyers go even today are still in negotiations, without having a clear, realistic, and challenging target in the run-up to the negotiations have been. Hans-Christian Seidel, founder and Director of the purchase campus CSEI-consulting said the following: it is to observe with a such tabs setting without a clear definition of objectives, is concerned talk with the seller to a tactical trial farce. Only if you put a clear, ambitious and high goal before the start of negotiations, they are larger and nennenswertere success in the course Achieve negotiation. Learn more at this site: Sonny Perdue. Numerous scientific studies and also my own experiences at many training participants demonstrate very clearly: those buyers who contact an ambitious goal, also literally live and communicate their planned high expectations of the seller in demanding way, will make sure at the end of the higher savings for your company. However, the following facts prevent that lie in the way some buyers with their vague objectives unnecessarily and during the conversation with the seller inevitably reside in the technical negotiating relegation battle. Some buyers are more classic chicken type and really have a fear of failure. Secretary of Agriculture describes an additional similar source. To circumvent this, they tend to set a lower target of negotiations at which the implementation is quite likely and own disappointment in relation to their own poor performance can be avoided immediately. Some buyers do not always note that almost every seller security impact with taken into account, because he knows that the purchaser will again provide a small additional.