Educate A Dog

Link, in the strict sense of the word, means a union or tie a person or thing to another. If curiosity takes over us and we rebuscamos a little further up in the dictionary we can read what it means linking, defined as subjecting the fate or the behavior of someone or something to another person or thing. In the dog, as a social animal, that is, the link or relationship with its owner is a party (if not that most) of greater importance in his life. A good relationship with our dog starts at the same moment in which it enters for the first time in our House; I’m going even further, we can say that it begins to harden at the very moment in which we will collect from the hatchery, if this is the option we have chosen. The first days and weeks of the dog puppy at home are important. All have had a dog aged between 8-10 weeks on our home know how difficult, stressful and laborious that is to have a puppy that needs to be taught a lot of things: hygienic conduct appropriate, what you should or should not be done, how to play, when to do it and, most importantly, how to do it and when to rest. In this period must be aware that, especially the first few days, the puppy will be discovering their new home, away from everything what they knew until those moments: his mother, his brothers of litter now we are all that. Therefore becomes fundamental to (zero better that a) minimize the corrections or punishments. This, personally, apply it to all his life, but in this period what we seek with zeal, is that Cub approach, linking it to us, and corrections and punishments all you get is the opposite effect: zoom out you and that we associate as something negative.