Animal Communicator

Communication helped us get to the root of the problem. Supporting with a treatment of flower essences for the Mare and the girl problem was resolved. Tai was a doberman female. One night he disappeared. His caregiver called me telling me that it wasn’t commonplace in it and that he foresaw that something had happened. I contacted Tai of soul to soul and told me that I was chasing a rabbit and tried to catch it when the rabbit got into its burrow. He put his head but could not get it. Tai died but led us to a location very near the House where there was a dog that needed help.

They rescued him and that way, and at the express wish of Tai, candy filled the void that she would leave in the heart of that family. We accompany Brodie at the time of his departure. Brodie was a dog labrador that suffered from an oncological process due to which the veterinarian recommended to your caregiver that it was best to sleep it. They were in contact with me to talk to him. Brodie informed me that Yes wanted to they sleep, since I was tired and with a great discomfort, but asked to be at home. I felt afraid to move away from your home. Thanks to the communication could respect his wish.

These are small examples of how much we can help with communication. Normally with one or two sessions, most cases are resolved. Cases due to trauma need greater attention and multiple sessions. Each animal is a unique, but in most cases their emotions are closely related to the environment in which they live. Animal Communicator does not have to be in the presence of the animal with which you want to communicate. The waves of thought are not only sounds; they are also light, color, emotions, smells and images.