Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

Each man physiologically in a harmonious state of health feels by more irrational to say being, that he is not like other animals. Feel that is like another animal its existence either formed with them. Now as it would be the picture of a God who creates life to be its own enemy? Finally would not cost you anything destroy it forever. Jesus de Nazareth spoke of a life eternal. Then also must we conceive him as an enemy of the same? Or for the God to which you consider enemy of life, life is all the force of the existence and chose to share it? So work on something that you hate. And Jesus work for something I loved showing the opposite of what you say. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo man participates in two essences physics that is earthly human and that is part of life with each of these vital instincts as you know them to call. But he also participates in something yourself and no one can explain and that is called thinking.

Something that allows you to understand things that only the human being understands. Unless you believe in extraterrestrials. Nietzsche says: The Holy that is pleasing to God is the ideal gelding. Life ends there where begins difference Nietzsche that temples are the Kingdom of God that many times castran ideally and in many respects to the men. Therefore in the temples when men feel inclination for mathematics, Physics, philosophy.

Not to mention many others. Convinced them to leave that desire because steal you time to God and to the ministries. And many, crowds are castrated. What they don’t know is that those people can share God’s Kingdom as mathematicians, physicists, philosophers etc.And take with you a life of Holiness. Be enclosed between those who are healthy, do not go nor cease to exit. When is the beautiful world the diversity of thoughts and behaviors. It is take the talent of people and bury him under the slogan of a dogma of a religion. As mathematicians, physicists, philosophers etc. They had done more. These things should attack Nietzsche not to God. Attacks religion not to that Supreme being which has nothing to do with these atrocities and false interpretations that make of the. They castran to the dreamers, those who were born with a different purpose. But that can serve the same cause I am referring to the Gospel. You are like the dog that attacks without provocation of any kind and that when are you Returns the attack with a stone is thrown in anger about the stone and not the hand that really attacks. So I say that Pombo has more grandeur and human respect in our lands than that which you have been able to gain. Bibliography: Rafael Pombo poem the hour of darkness Editorial Aeschylus Ltda Santafe de Bogota Federico Nietzsche the twilight of the idols editorial Fund progress.