Trends In The Development Of Web Design, Advanced Imaging Technology

TRENDS WEB-DESIGN. Trends in web design – one of the most popular objects of analysis. A variety of approaches to design, recognized the existence (or, alternatively, discussion) and a sufficiently bright reference dynamics constantly throw new analysts food for thought. Internet, especially in Russian, is developing rapidly, and a clear understanding of current trends, allowing a high degree of accuracy to make predictions (for At least in the short and medium term), can become a serious competitive advantage – both for companies engaged in providing business process in the offline world, and companies are just beginning to look at The consumer Internet. THAT AFFECT THE DESIGN OF SITES? Primarily on website design has a huge impact Hardware World Wide Web. In those bygone days when up to 90% of Internet users using dial-up access and surfing speed is determined speed modem capabilities, as well as the quality of exchanges, have developed some principles for web-pages, which were used in the design Sites of those years.

One of the main parameters determining the structure and appearance of web-sites, was the speed of page loading. This is understandable, since the actual data transfer rate at the time averaged output 5.2 kb / sec. Hence, there were limits on the amount placed on a page of information, the use of graphics, flash-animation etc. At present, according to some independent studies (in particular, the Agency ROMIR Monitoring) in a large cities in Russia and Ukraine the number of users that use broadband Internet access or who are clients of local networks to reach 60-80%. Given the fact that the transition to high-speed customers ADSL – access Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Kiev and other Ukrainian cities in recent years has become a mass phenomenon, we can predict that in the near future, the number of customers using dial-up Internet access is not more than 10-12% in urban areas and not more than 30% of the Ukrainian average.

Thus, there are more options for creating sites with more advanced design and structure, allowing a greater number of pages information to create flash-presentation, which is especially important for, say, the restaurant business, place a large number of high-quality photos (real estate), etc. We can also mention some limitations that rapidly fading. For example, should optimize the design of a web-site under the old monitors with a screen resolution of 640×480 and 800×600, or a browser Nescape Navigator 1.0? Users who currently use the monitor with the permission to view web-pages or using such 'prehistoric' browser has virtually no in any case they simply can not be found among potential customers, for example, business aviation, or potential visitors of the restaurant complex, or in parts of the supply companies. And the constraints that have to impose on the design of pages in such a case, much less attractive web-site. So way, even in the next two or three years we can predict another round of high-quality conversions among the sites, which requires subjects to present the original design, quality and bulk supply of information, since web-designers now have new opportunities to realize their most unusual designs.