Vacation Rental Cottages

Spain is a country rich in Sun, sea and good weather. The climate that we enjoy in our country is the envy of many citizens from all over Europe, who come to our shores each year to spend a few days of rest and good temperature ensured precisely for that reason. Without a doubt, we have become exporters of Beach Tourism: the Levantine and Andalusian coast are now overcrowded large hotel complexes, some more modest and other luxury, just as they are our islands, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. While there are many tourists, both Spaniards and foreigners, who still seducing the idea of staying in a good hotel for their holiday, are already too numerous those who, without forgetting what supposed Beach tourism, are decided by a kind of holiday something different: disclaim to the luxury and the standardization of a hotel to find a different experience and more intimate. This is the reason that in the Canary Islands has been of fashion staying in a cottage. Tenerife has been a pioneer in this sense and its cottages offer is already very broad. Also, another type of similar accommodation that also triumphs is the pension. Tenerife has modernized these old guest houses so that more adventurous tourists can enjoy a flavor different from an experience without having to say that not to the beach and the sea. It is a new way of going on vacation who, without a doubt, is going to get much traction. Travel to and within Spain Blog of tourism and lodging Galapagos Islands, a different visit where travel visit the Canary Islands!! Ratoblog Costa Blanca Winter Sunshine Holidays Villa Florence House catering Gandia Valencia Spain Clm live internet la Mancha Live House rural miss Spain CLM en Vivo. Miss Spain cottage News and Technology