Windows Vista Home Premium

Special position in a number of budget laptops netbooks occupy with screen sizes 7 – 10.2 inches. These devices originally designed for low-end, but their performance and comfort of the low and the cost of many models is comparable to the conventional budget laptop, which makes them not the best choice for the role primary computer. In order to reduce the cost of low cost laptops are often shipped without preinstalled operating sistmemy, either pre-or FreeDOS operating systems based on GNU / Linux. (Similarly see: A. F. Chief of Staff ). Notebook Screen Size middle class such a device can be any. Laptops middle class – the most extensive and rather vague category of laptops. Laptops in this category do not have outstanding performance, video adapter – integrated or Junior discrete series processor – primary or secondary level. Corps of portable computers are usually made of plastic, the design simple, eye-catching. The operating system in most cases – Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Home Premium, is also found Windows XP Home Edition.

Manufacturers tend to include a model of the middle class to the office and mainstream-series, sometimes these notebooks are positioned as a 'multimedia notebooks economy class' or even as a' game Laptop economy class' (in this case, the laptop graphics card and the average low-cost processor). Most of the notebook category DTR – (desktop replacement) can also be attributed to middle-class notebooks. Business class notebooks. Business class is the laptop for business travelers. On the characteristics of business notebooks essentially the same notebook the middle class and differ from them in the most rigorous and concise design, as well as the use of more expensive materials.