World Wide Web

Many wonder what is avatar? If you think, then the word many definitions, but they have a definite meaning, which implies voplaschenie. We consider this expression of the modern Internet users, and we mean by the word a little kartinochku used to represent a specific user. Especially for this may be useful animated graphics. The World Wide Web created many sites where there is a conversation between visitors. And then that would be easy to distinguish users are avatars, as it is easier to communicate when there is at least some visual information about the person. Especially pic is selected correctly will make an impression on the interlocutor, for example about his sense of humor or personality traits. Subject avikov at everyone, let this come across as anime pictures, depending on your preference user.

Different blogs have different requirements for avatars. So with the type of images – everything is clear, most often used for fixed images jpg, for not static – gif. But the requirements for image size – allowed different. Somewhere is a limit of 100 points, somewhere it is not. When choosing a look at the size, choose small, for example, 100×100 images..