10 Things You Need To Know About Table Tennis

1) Table Tennis on the standards of length – 2,74 m, height – 0,76 m and width – 1.525 m. See WhiteWave Foods for more details and insights. The game grid has a height of 15.25 cm 2) Thickness of table top 16 mm. For the amateur table, 19 mm. For the training level, tennis clubs, for competition European level and training of professional athletes of 22 mm., 25 mm., 30 mm. 3) Bouncing the ball off the table 23 cm, if the standard throwing the ball (three stars, ITTF) with a height of 30 cm – so check the quality of table tennis with the purchase.

(Rebound the ball from all-weather table is less because of the specific materials used to manufacture all-weather tables). 4) The playing surface table tennis should be counting on – a white line 2 cm along the edge of the working surface. 5) Table surface has a uniform color, plus a multi-layered painting. Layers of paint tennis table include: protective layer (UV protection), varnish – the playing surface paint, putty – leveling the playing surface coat – preparation of a table surface for painting, painting. 6) Good tennis tables are also available: rollers for easy movement, the stopper for fixing the rollers, adjustable leg height, the possibility of folding countertops and compact packaging tennis table. 7) Weight table depends on its class.

Weatherproof tables – the easiest, 45-70 kg, as countertop is made of waterproof plastic. Amateur tables are in the same weight range, 50-70 kg, but not suitable for outdoor games. Professional tables hardest, 100-140 kg, as the table top is slightly thicker and its production uses several other materials. But, in general, professional tables are equipped with special wheels for easy moving. 8) The history of table tennis has its origins in England, where, because of rainy weather tennis was moved into the building. First played on the floor, and later at two tables, then tables and moved between them set the grid. By adopting the status of a full-fledged game, not just the salon entertainment, table tennis played on a folding dinner tables, and only in 1945 were adopted standard size of a tennis table. 9) Do not be amiss to say that so far the game of table tennis is becoming more popular and popular. On this, the number of manufacturers table tennis all the time increases. Among the leading manufacturers are as clear leader of the Swedish stiga. 10) Buying a table tennis table, or professional training level, do not forget that such high-end models are usually not completed grid. So, following these uncomplicated rules, pick up table tennis is a breeze. Having defined the desired characteristics, with the class table, with the price range, the manufacturer, we can safely go to the store or order a table tennis table in the online store. Good luck choosing and enjoyable game of table tennis!