President Ramzan Kadyrov

Before the battle, was present on the evening of the famous boxer, world champion Wladimir Klitschko said that the boxing tournament will be held in Grozny on a regular basis. "I want to thank President Ramzan Kadyrov for the invitation this great celebration of sport. Sport brings good qualities in a man, a good indicator for the younger generation. This feast of boxing in Chechnya is not the first nor the last, and these will be a lot more. We – I and his brother Vitali – will do everything we can to such boxing night held more often in the Chechen Republic. Most importantly, kids who are here, watching the boxing, as an example to be emulated and in educated qualities of real men, real dzhigits ", – said Vitaly Klitschko. So under fiery music to ring out Eromosole Albert – tridtsatichetyrehletny boxer well prepared, went to school American Boxing and is able to create for Baysangurov many unpleasant moments during the match. Before going to ring the Russian boxer voiced song "My city of Grozny," J.

Rasaeva, just under the theme of this song appears to Zaurbek each of its rival. Note that Baysangurov have certain advantages over the American in the first place – it's age. Zaurbek only 24 years old, he is well prepared and has the experience of fighting such a level as most importantly – he holds duel in his homeland. After listing the titles of boxing, the referee explained the rules of warfare. Duel began.

Rally was held. Apparently, Albert is not in vain looked fights and Zaurbek Applying the tactic by which he had a real chance to win this battle. Russian boxer a good command of the situation in the medium and long run, however, chose an American infighting, and initially had Baysangurov adopt this tactic. The first four rounds were conducted at a rapid pace.