In this period where the honor, humility, the Zen almost is eradicated of the heart of the man. A hope arises in which it will be born the balance and the faith that is needed to overcome any obstacle possible, since they do not exist you only limit those that put in front one same one. Within the monastery the old Daray Lama is a sleepy, in which it imagines to him the future and what to coming, it sees destruction, death, the law of but hard on the weak one, tyranny, the badness of the evil upon the world. When waking up wise person Daray Lama is in a great preoccupation, fears for each innocent being, each boy, each mother whom a bread piece gains to take to its home and is asked which it will be of them if they do not have to anybody in that to lean, that will be of their children, those small ones who are marginalized of which they are not the guilty don’t mention it, but nevertheless are first that perishes in the hands of the opresores, the enriching thing, of conquerors. So it decides to give most valuable that they put for the protection of those abandoned that is in the wisdom, whose words are in a single Chuan Fa.

The villagers are with a great surprise, since they are several annotations inviting to that they take all to that one boy whom it has between 4 to 6 years of age which will be trained in the monastery. Such invitation is watered throughout, like was to be expected wakes up a great interest thus the day arrives and in the doors of the monastery they are congregated but from 250 children, they receive them to the monks they divide and them in 5 groups. First one goes at the most high of mountains, the second dirije to the frosts steppes of the Himalayas, the third party is entered to the dangerous forests, the quarter submerge to difficult territories of the deserts, by its side fifth enters to the decerticas zones of the east. That same manna the old Daray Lama leaves and visualizes to the great amount of children who are in the doors of that one monastery, it makes a plegaria since it knows that on them the well-being of its people will depend and knows perfectly that all did not obtain, calls to its 5 better monks who each of them takes a group and they go to different parts from the Chinese. When seeing to divide them the Daray Lama plenty of faith and hope, entrusts east world to them and the protection of weakest that is his first law, the 5 animal will have to be born. It will be the beginning of a epic era, where the seed of the hope has been planted and it is dyed in green, becoming in the blue one of the green fruit, as well as the dusk arrives, as well as the leaves with time fall, as well as the coffee of the trunks shows the mature fruit, would arrive the day in which the soldiers appear, the passage between the life and the death would arrive at night like the black color, to the pair of the whiteness of its feelings the cleaning and purity of the spirit will be the perfect balance.