7 Tips To Prepare Your Dog

Posted May 13th, 2011 by Sandra

A dog, if not prepared, quickly becomes unmanageable, so here are 7 tips that will be very useful for a good start dressing: Tip 1 The rumble of his way with words and short, raising his voice. Tip 2-Talk to him: Tell him to try and use small words they can understand. Above all, avoid contact with eyes, may be taken as a sign of provocation by your puppy. Tip 3: His bed: A dog must stay in place, must have its small place, do not put in the room above. When your puppy make a mistake in its place is to him that you send. Do not let your puppy climb on the beds, sofas and other furniture.

Tip 4-eating: A dog must absolutely have to eat after their masters. You do not eat for meals. Tip 5 Good and Evil: A dog must learn to distinguish between what is right (allowed) what is wrong (which is not). If your dog makes a mistake, punish him immediately. Otherwise, he can not understand why punish the puppy quickly forget how they feel unjustly punished. By contrast, if the puppy has responded to a command, praise him with a reward.

Tip 6 Neck: train your dog to wear a necklace from an early age. At first, that inevitably will try to withdraw and possibly accept. He then taught to walk with the leash. Tip 7 walk with you: Let your puppy get used to walking with you. Put a collar and leash and walking with him. As you do not tend to pull on the leash and walk. Once the puppy pulls on the leash to get some 'idiot.

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