As he told me did not have to prove himself, also made statements that I just thought it was harder for them because I had a gun, a baton and wearing a helmet MP. He responded by removing my helmet and my faithful night delivery to my partner in an attempt to neutralize any possible threat that could plan and carry the anxiety of the soldiers down. I informed him that the gun stayed where it was, but we had to talk like civilized men so that we can solve any problem that was happening. The soldier continued with "I'm a black belt and do not need to prove how tough I am" speech to close the distance and, from an inch from my face, said, "I will show how hard you're not." I have asked soldier back before I knew what was happening, I felt his fist up between our bodies to the jaw. I rode the strike that landed before he could escape and then withdrew when he began to flail widely with both arms in the head and body. Hoko remember taking a similar position (a posture of vigilance in ninjutsu designed to create a bubble of protection 'that is difficult for the attacker to pass) to cover against incoming attacks and having to deal simultaneously with an officer who thought I was making an attack! At one point, I realized that his right arm was wrapped around my left forearm, and that a 'musha-dori-like thing "(cubit – dislocated shoulder technique) was happening.