Advertising Agency Symposium

Want to earn more? Use custom promotions. You can use your body as an advertising platform to sell books in bulk, like potatoes, start the swordfish in the lake and catch it to declare angler prize of one million dollars, as did the American beer makers … The body as the advertisement. Twenty-five resident of St. Petersburg put up for sale ad space on his body! In order to sell ‘advertising space’ on the Internet site was created from the name of which, one can understand what is at stake. Natalia, that’s the name ‘seller of advertising space on his body’, said it aims to earn $ 1,000,000. Already for six months she received from the business $ 1610.

Do not be surprised that such advertising is very profitable for the advertiser. First, it is not as expensive as it sounds, and, secondly, like ‘spectacle’ attracted the attention of many people, so impact of such advertising is very high. Underground cinema. Coca-Cola Company posted a series of light boxes in a dark subway tunnels. As a result, passenger trains, which flies past the scoreboard with great speed, the sum the impression that they looked commercials. The motor trade. Lottery winners at the opening of Boston’s got the right shop for two minutes to collect as many free CDs in the music store, as they can.

And participants “shopping fever” have shown good results. Most of all – B6 discs – “grab” James Leavitt, but the total cost is much behind the Layey Laylz ($ 1300 vs. 2054 dollars), which account for 50, but the more expensive drives. There is clearly affected prelaunch 34-year-old woman. According to her, she engaged in swimming endurance, yoga for self-control, trained memory and even draw a layout of store environments. “This – the only such opportunity in life and I’m prepared for it – said Lisa. Hosts the store at first glance, the miscalculation, because they did not think that you can dial discs more than 400 dollars. However, such a high rate of “Race for the discs,” probably will be even more memorable advertising. Advertising for 4 cents. One New York theater posters sent to citizens, putting them checks for 4 cents. In advertising stated that this fee for two minutes of time that people spend on reading the posters. It is not known how many people came to the bank to cash checks, but the play, which was described in advertising vacant seats were not. How to hang kilogram? Cause of the Italian publishing house “Feltrineli” were far from brilliant. Books “regularly” lie around in the stores. Then the firm’s management decided to move shocked many – published by selling literature on .., weight, like fruits and vegetables. And for every kilo bought new books considered by some to discount. From the publishers of words quickly got down to business, and soon a number of Italian bookstores appeared scales. Now going into them, just gnawing boldly ordered “a couple of kilos and grams of two hundred poems of philosophy.” Now books of this publishing house is occupied the highest positions in the rankings. Meowing advertising. Distinguished non-standard advertising Whiskas. By shields were attached speakers, of whom came the characteristic mewing cats. As a result, advertising has attracted the attention of not only consumers but also the press. O ‘meowing’ advertising has written numerous papers and magazines.