State Polytechnic University

In St. Petersburg, successfully completed the seminar "Electronic Library System in higher education: challenges and directions of development" that runs October 20-21, 2010, with the support of "Alley of Software" and the community ELIBCONSULT. Speakers of the seminar – specialist libraries, universities, IT companies, publishers and aggregators companies. Among them – TA Ligun (OOO "ERGATON NTF") EV Bun (ANO "National library resource"), NV Sokolova, and AV Kedrin (IKBIS St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University), IV Lyazina (FSUE STC "Informregistr"), SV Kim, LB Kochetov, MS Polozova ("Alley of Software"), AB Antopolsky (RAO "The Institute of Scientific Information and Monitoring"), EN Beilin (ID "University Book"). The main topics of the seminar were the organizational and methodical, legal and content aspects of creating electronic library system at the university. Speakers talked about the requirements Ministry of Education, Rosobnadzora, GEF HPE and recent changes in them, about techniques and approaches to the creation of DEC and the integration of these systems and corporatism, the differences between the ALIS, DEC and the electronic library, E and also on Web 2.0-services community ELIBCONSULT. Particular attention was paid to content-creation aspects of e-libraries: requirements for electronic publications as the objects of acquisition of library collections and registration electronic scientific publications, complete electronic editions of academic libraries and experience with foreign publishers in the Russian market in licensing matters.

The seminar was also held presentation of various electronic library systems, among them – IQLib (TS Nazarova, OOO "Integrator copyright), (AV Konovalov, publishing "BHV-Petersburg"), and "The University Library Online" (OP Bibarsova, Publishers' Direct-Media "). Completed the program of the event bus tour with a visit to Kronstadt, in addition to the main attractions of the city, Central City Library of the city. Summing up the seminar, Stanislav Kim commented: "A year ago we opened a series of events dedicated to the implementation of digital libraries, held a seminar" The great interest higher education community to the creation of electronic library systems spurred by government agencies, publishing soovetstvuyuschie regulations and serious penalties for violation of regulatory authorities. The seminar this year has turned out interesting and informative at the expense of involvement specialist libraries, publishers and developers of the electron-library systems. The seminar was attended by over 100 representatives of libraries, universities, publishers and IT companies from all over Russia. For those who unable to participate, we conducted an online broadcast of a seminar in Twitter () and uploaded to the site all materials. In a short time on the site will appear and video versions of the reports. We thank all the speakers and participants, and invite all comers to our future events! ".