Best Option

Many people have gone to the law of bankruptcy or bankruptcy as a way out of debt and sometimes only to rid of the pesky and persistent bailiffs. However the file for bankruptcy is not always the best option. Let’s see who else we can do before making that decision: first calls directly to the creditor and explain your financial situation. Get a payment arrangement with the company, but don’t let them say you like or how will pay. Tell them how much you can pay them and make sure that is a minimal amount so don’t have problems with payments that you really do like your mortgage or rent, besides your payments of light, food for your family and for you, etc. If you think you’re going to be able to make payment on a better month ask that you wait two months. If you do it before two months better. You can request to stop making payments for a time or pay only the interest.

You can also negotiate a single payment well below the amount that you actually owe them and many times you say Yes. If these directly calling the creditor to make any arrangement It is always good to ask to speak with a Manager or someone who can make a decision in your case. If you just want to give you a time to make any payment you can dispute the debt in writing and they should stop trying to collect while they investigate the debt. Federal law prohibits collectors you call work if your employer prohibits it or that you call before 8 am or past 9 pm. Also forbidden to tell others about your debt to less be your lawyer. If your sole purpose is to let you call or disturb what have to do is send them a registered letter with return receipt. Saves the return receipt as this is your proof that greeted her. If after this still bothering you speaking with a lawyer because if this sends them a letter it is safe to stop those calls or collection letters.

Remember that this does not make the debt disappear but is only and exclusively to let you call or send letters. Finally remember that if you declare you in bankruptcy or bankruptcy this you will be on your credit history for 10 years and this makes it very difficult as in the future can get a car loan or a home. Or if you can get a loan interests are going to be very high. It can also affect you when trying to get a job because some employers check your credit history. Finally you can simply ignore your debts however this can lead to different kinds of problems.