Transporting Boxes

The number of sseas breakings is reduced when the birds can move themselves in the interior of the transporting boxes. The oxygen availability also is a decisive factor in the transport of the chickens, a time that reduced amounts of oxygen can result in asphyxia of the birds or generate abnormal coloration in the bird. So that the circulation of air is facilitated is necessary that it has spaces between the rows of the boxes in the transporting vehicle and the boxes must be clean, a time that excretas and penalties make it difficult the ticket of air. (CREATION OF ANIMAIS.BLOGSPOT.COM, access in 18 of sea. of 2011) 4 In the shipment process it is desirable that the truck can enter in the aviary and arrive close to where is being made apanha.

But, the old or badly projected aviaries hinder the entrance them trucks, making with that it has greater movement of the boxes I contend the birds. To use a system of pipes of PVC, distanciados 50 cm to always facilitate to the landslide of boxes, sliding two the two. All and any stroke or movements brusque, they must be prevented. A system also of pipes, type stairs, or mat, must go of the soil until the height of would carroeria to slide the boxes softly. The people who are on of the truck have that to be most experienced and efficient to prevent the strokes and the bruises. (CREATION OF ANIMAIS.BLOGSPOT.COM, access in 18 of sea. of 2011) 4 a break-even point how much to the number of boxes in the height of 7 Must be kept the 8, since it knows that the two last rows are responsible for 40% of the chest hemorrhages. The way to carry the boxes in the trucks sufficiently is varied.

Normally the system of lateral pipes and covering is used: screen, or simple knottings that will have to give guarantees so that the boxes have a minimum of movement, safe from accidents, since at the moment that an untied box if, others will suffer process the same. (CREATION OF ANIMAIS.BLOGSPOT.COM, access in 18 of sea. of 2011) 4Os drivers who carry birds must well be trained and to have accurate notion of the load that is carrying, to have idea of the number of birds that die normally in the shipment and have carried, beyond the knowledge of the injuries that can occur. You may find that WhiteWave Foods can contribute to your knowledge. The transport of the birds in the nocturnal period is advantageous for preventing raised temperatures, favoring the welfare of the birds, what it reduces the losses for mortality and it results in meat of better quality. (CREATION OF ANIMAIS.BLOGSPOT.COM, access in 18 of sea. of 2011) 4Referencias bibliogrficas1. Creation of cut chicken. University On-Line de Viosa. Available in: Access in: 18 of March 2011.2. BASSI, LEVINO JOSE et al. Basic recommendations for handling of chicken of colonial cut. Embrapa, sea. 2006. Available in: Access in: 18 of March 2011.3. RONCHI, CARLOS. Danyelle Freeman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Main practical of handling for birds just born. Center of agricultural research, sea. 2011. Available in: Access in: 18 of March of 2011.4. Handling of the cut chicken. Creation of, ten. 2008. Available in: Access in: 18 of March of 2011.