Before all these and other facts that devastate our society. Vivemossem borders? The propaganda obeys some general principles separately that can be applied in set or. Between them we elencamos: – The simplification, that is the formula use that they always obey a clear and concise form, as in a slogan; – Concentration, that consists of focusing one ' ' inimigo' ' only, responsible for all males; – Ampliaoe disfigurament, that consists of deformardeliberadamente manipulating the information for torn-laacessvel to intellectual a low-level public or for the ideas of the opponent; – Saturation, or untiring repetition of the central subject until this acquires the appearance of unquestionable truth. Osresultados positive of the propaganda alone if constructs from basic umamatria-cousin who inhabits in slight knowledge rudimentary conscientious einconscientes gifts in the totality of the population, or in specific pontossociais. The limit of its efficiency if measures for capacidadede to correspond the preconceived opinions and the archetypes. Factors deinmeras orders can intervine in the practical one and the effectiveness of the propaganda. Its results, however, depend on the degree of information and capacidadecrtica of the public the one that if destines. Assimentendemos that the freedom of spreading of pluralistas ideas and aeducao are optimum antidote for the manipulation of the propaganda and ocontrole that the great interests politicians exert on half the decomunicao. Assimnos we pautamos in the social conditions that afflict in them and in them they become not seise less human, but with bordering certainty and that in ours menteainda inhabits the field of the incoherence and unpreparedness. that the mind possesss more borders of what never.