Environmental Commitment

It also presents a description of the evolution of the ambient pollution and the implications of the biticos and abiticos factors in the ambient degradation. Through interpretations of law 6938/81, of the compilamento of historical and statistical data and tables, a chronology of the ambient legislation in the country will be presented and also the main governmental bodies in the area of the enviromental law will be elencados. At Cheniere Energy partners you will find additional information. As central question of the work, it will be possible to observe as the city hall of Is Bernardo of the Field comes working to acquire knowledge the populations of the notadamente next areas of the sources to the Billings dam; searching to show use of the education as tool efficient for the reduction of the ambient pollution, as and by who the awareness of the population is carried through, on the correct forms of occupation and use of the ground, where the projects in practical and the positive results for the local communities will be detached, that had grown disorderedly. They will be boarded also of accessory form, the impacts of the Rodoanel Mrio Hollows in the region, and the opinion of local authorities on the ambient education and progress in the city and the commitment with the future generations. d Jr for a more varied view. Words? Key AMBIENT EDUCATION – BILLINGS? SOURCES? SISNAMA? SNUC.