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Battlefield of the Bay of pigs in April 1961 invasion, on the road to La Boca over 80 monuments there are reminders of fighters killed in the fighting. -Playa Giron: located at the eastern entrance of Bay of pigs and 34 Km to the will of Playa Larga, Playa Giron reminds named pirate of French origin Gilbert Giron who took refuge in the area back in the 17TH century. Good beach and good seabed suitable for diving, warlike scenario of the disembarkation of the 2005 Brigade in April 1961, there is here an interesting Museo Giron museum dedicated to the Bay of Pigs invasion where you can see a plane, a tank of war, weapons, pictures and documents from the fighting. -Fish cave: situated between Playa Larga and Playa Giron, is a species of cenote with crystal clear and deep waters populated by endless variety of fish, it is a great attraction for the lovers of diving. Diving in Cienaga de Zapata is usually done from the same coast in their more than 14 known sites, largely diving is linked with ancient systems of caves in the area whose roofs were sunk. -The Salina and Santo Tomas trails: very demanded by tourists interested in the observation of birds, both migratory species such as the endemic to the island.

Does accomodation? There are several sites with accommodation in the Cienaga de Zapata:-Villa Guama, Guama at the Laguna del Tesoro, 49 cabins with category 3 *, according to the season the price of a double room with breakfast starts at 44. 95 USD per night. -Hotel Playa Larga, with category 3 *, has 144 rooms and over 40 bungalows, recommended for lovers of diving, water sports and bird watching. A double room with breakfast starts at 44. 95 USD per night. -Hotel Playa Giron, category 3 *, it has 287 rooms and numerous bungalows, prices for a double room with breakfast start at 62. 00 USD per night. -There are also private homes who rent rooms in Playa Larga and Playa Giron, the price of double room is around 25 CUC (27 USD) per night.

Where to eat? There are several places to eat in this area, and unique feature of the site in various places you can eat crocodile meat: – a restaurant-cafeteria at the junction of the access road and national highway – Restaurant in El Carmelo, 9 km south of the highway – several restaurants in La Boca, 2 of them specialized in crocodile meat – restaurants in Villa Guama and hotels Playa Larga and Playa Giron – Restaurant in good Creekspecializing in Creole cuisine and seafood products – Restaurant in Los Cenotes La Cienaga de Zapata is much more simple natural shelter, and incorporates ecological, natural and historical treasures to a valuable tourist offer which has not yet received all the recognition that deserves by vacationers who visit Cuba. More information and photos on. hicuba. com Cuba flights in. hicuba. com/reserve-flight. PHP Jose Ramon Castro is an expert in the industry of tourism in Cuba, manages the Hicuba web site. com (. hicuba. com) related to tourism and travel in Cuba and also works for a travel agency. In Hicuba. com Ud can find much updated information on Cuba and book on-line travel services numbers.