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One theme not picked up in to later criticism is the concern to over to whether Stephen and his companions ploughs representative of Irish youth in to their ideas. Wells noted that ' ' every human being' ' in the book ' ' accepts to matter of course that the English ploughs you be hated, ' ' and adds that he thinks that picture is ' ' only too true' ' (88). The Freeman' s Journal on to other hand protested that ' ' English critics, with complacency that makes one to despair of to their intelligence, ploughs already hailing the author the typical a Irishman, and his book a faithful picture of Irish life.' ' It would be just accurate you see Of Quincey' s Opium-Eater the typical a picture of British youth, to reviewer asserts (99). Still, Joyce' s technique was only convincing that the reviewers had you admit that something beyond conventional realism was at work. . The Clutton-Brock said that ' ' Joyce can make anything happen that he chooses' ' in his writing, and that ' ' In living to writer is to better at conversations' ' (89). J.C.

Squire agreed that the dialogues ' ' is close you the dialogues of life Wedge 05 anything I have to ever eats across' ' (101). Virtually all reviewers praised the writing, and adds were swept away despite themselves, protesting all the while. The Manchester Guardian' s to writer begins, ' ' When one recognizes genius in book one can perhaps best leave criticism alone, ' ' and then goes on you give his reservations. Interestingly, he you continue, ' ' Not will be its apparent formlessness should the book be condemned. Subtle sense of art has worked amidst the soils, making this hither-and-thither record of the young mind and soul completes it and ordered thing' ' (92).