For such fact many lives had been sacrificed as of the laborer the Francisco You mark, jammed during the transport if a gigantic rock. All this agitation around the construction of the convent generated anguish, fear and oppression the population that did not have I will choose not to be to yield to the domination and real escravizao. Women and mothers were transtornadas for seeing its husbands and children to be pulled out of its homes, enlisted the force for the real troops for the concretion of the vanity of D. Joo. One observes the suffering, the desperation of these families in the stretch to follow: … folloies them until is of the village the unfortunate persons, who go calling … candy and loved husband, and another one protesting, son, to who I only had for refrigrio and candy support of this tired already oldness mine, the lamentations were not finished at last … already the led ones if they move away, they go to disappear itself in the return of the way, evennesses of tears the eyes, in berries falling to most sensible, and then a great voice if it raises, he is one labrego of as much age since not to want, and cries out …

(MC, P. 284). Part of the lusitana population started to live moments of extreme agony and apprehension. Many of the enlisted ones to ' ' work escravo' ' in the religious construction they had finished more not returning for its homes. Several had lost its lives in the installment of a work that did not bring explicit benefits for the population, represented only one stingy desire of satisfaction and personal vainglory. Presencia the magnificent stingy vanity and feeling the one that is capable to arrive the human being to only satisfy its ego personal. To this respect, Lopes (1986, P.

River Paraguau

Therefore, he was consecrated and since 1971 member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters became and in 1975 it assumed the direction of the National Institute of the Book. Faleceu in 13 of August of 1999 in result of a prostate cancer and left a workmanship together riqussima if detaching other writers of reputation of Brazilian literature. To know the workmanship Gravel and to understand some excellent aspects of this important historical romance are the intention of this article that it aims at to go deep the question of the identity of the man of them you cultivate with respect to its sociocultural relation and politics. Initially a summary of the workmanship in study will be made. GRAVEL: A HISTORY OF FIGHT FOR the SURVIVAL the romance already is initiated with a common scene in that region. A man died it is brought by the friends after plus one day of work weighed you cultivate in them.

It rained very and in headboards of the River Paraguau everything was flooded, happened so fast whirlwind d? water that the men had been pegos of surprise and the unfortunate person that was being loaded did not obtain to save itself. In the front, it comes the old Justino that of a the news to the Sprung from the same father and mother Colonel of whom plus one he was died dragged for waters. It is important make reference to reference the fact of that the deceased ‘ ‘ Raymond, that one frente’ ‘ (Gravel, p.9, 1989) he was not known not even for the last name, more only the first name and for the exerted work, being removed of it the existence condition while citizen. To the Colonel, everything belonged and for it everything to it this age consequncia of the work for which they were paid.

Generation Without

The generation without cause, route, ideal, Without perpectiva, the formed generation to consume, the generation of the subjective knowledge, the knowledge and the practical ones That they are interessantissima only the industry Of games, fashion, of superficial constumes, Culture of consumption, book, music and commercial cinema, the generation that does not participate of the society, the generation excluidas of its reponsabilidade Stops with the future of our country, Excluida for the education and justice that it protects In such a way that they become inrresponsveis individuals For its proper life, for its proper contuda, This is the generation of the individuals in formation, This generation would also have to be considered in formation when to deal with to its sexual relations, and its social behaviors, This is the generation where the sexual behavior, social and the access the all type of freedoms That before were only allowed the Independent indivuduos finenceiramente, mature socially and individually, men she is women with life experiences, With many social and loving disillusionments and fracasos, With all the psychic maturity, sexual and psychological, With all the luggage that the life can give, With all the disillusions; individuals thus are that the proportionate freedoms and libertinisms for the maturity had access Experience, social and financial emancipation. This is the generation where adolescent many times with the money of the papa carry through True orgias Romans. If this is the generation of that they are in formation, Agrees, however they would have to be in formation When it is about behaviors social and access the mature freedoms That the men are proper and women Who all load the weight of the real life on its shoulders. We cannot wait nothing of a generation that Already they had proved of the freedom, the libertinism and the sex Until its saciedade This is the generation of that the life will not have direction, As it can have sensible a life that is lived Only exterior, a life where it does not have processes Close in the individuals that must: to love very, To more still suffer, depcional, to dream of flaring nights With impossible loves, fabulosas conquests, With much fight, much tear of joy and pain, Ideal, utopias, rebeldias against the government, the church, the society, the social injustice, Against what etc is established the close process is miuto slower than the social life, and this is the generation where the life walks in exaggeration With the learning of the heart and the soul.