Mitch Altman

Yes, that pillar of society who has been with us since we launched fast dude humanity for a curve in the Garden of Eden? that the cornerstone of society has been automated. I refer, of course, the public nuisance (who wrote about him in Part 1 I do not have to come pests in restaurants and around train stations and people singing loudly and playing their harpsichords . Now we have machines to do that for us? machines like televisions and radios and elevator muzak Mustangs counterproductive. In the old days, you just might throw a brick in a public nuisance, and usually shut him up for two minutes? five if the brick reached its mark. But it is more difficult to throw a brick at the TV, because the bar owners bloodthirsty send lawyers after you, something that the old nuisances knew nothing.

And how you can throw a brick at the creature producing dark elevator muzak? So it was inevitable a guy named Mitch Altman invented a high tech way to neutralize the harmful effects of high-tech public. IR is a key called TV-B-Gone that turns off TVs remotely intrusive. "Hey I was watching this program," calls on the six foot-four, burly man in the bar. "Zapped my program who have five seconds to unzap it., O I get out of this stool." Oh, well. I suppose there are still some technical adjustments to play with. But I was thinking, "Hey. I could invent something useful like that.