The Way

Over time, they are able to predict the outlook for the way you need to generate, to produce a new customer. This helps you set realistic sales goals, plan effective marketing activity and adequate marketing budget dollars. On a sheet of paper, draw a large funnel to take the entire page. To the right of the funnel, starting at the top, enter the first step of the process prospeccionel (for example, the first contact with the prospect at the meeting networking, cold calling, check out the website, etc.) Below this, leaving a small space between the two, write the second stage of its exploration process (eg scheduling a meeting.) Continue writing the next steps of the process of exploration, one below the other, until you reach the bottom of the funnel. The last step should be one in which the prospect becomes a customer (for example, receives the contract signed again with a deposit check.) Now, return to the top of the funnel and each stage has been identified, write that you have prospects that are currently at that stage. Write these numbers into the funnel. If you have space, you can write the names of prospects that are in each stage.

Now, you may want to create a worksheet to help you keep perspective when he entered his system when they reach each stage and when he became a client. You can use the first column to write the names of perspective and other columns to write each step of exploration. Then, each row, from left to right, you can show you go into the perspective of each stage of the process of exploration. Over time, you can return to the spreadsheet to calculate the number of prospects needed to generate a new customer and the amount of time it takes, on average, to turn a new perspective on a client. Once you have perfected their system of prospecting and funnel, you may want to create a giant version of the fireplace on a billboard where you can type the name of each potential client on a sticky note and move from one stage to the next. You can give a great visual of current state of exploration and show which areas need attention.