Modern Technology

Damage to the bumper of the car – always a nuisance for the owner. You should not forget, however, that bumper is designed to dissipate crash, so the damage – much less trouble than the injury to occupants. Bumper repair costs are usually much cheaper than buying new, the cost of repair is directly dependent on the nature of the damage and plastic material, of which the bumper. Most bumpers are made of thermoplastic plastic, which can melt under high temperature. Simply heating fix minor damage – dents and scratches.

If you have any cracks or loss of fragments surface of the bumper required the use of plastic welding technology. It is what first made a thorough preparation of the future of the weld. His trimmed to 15 mm in width, attached to the edges of a V-shaped profile, and the ends zasverlivayut cracks to prevent further spread. Welding is performed by heating the crack technical phenomenon, baked in her special filler plastic rods. This technology allows you to the most durable connection in the repair of bumpers. Considerable fragments, if they survived, scald on the perimeter or the same material used on the other 'broken' bumpers, the appropriate chemical composition.

Bumpers, made from thermoset plastic materials, we can not weld, so they can not be melted. In this case, the bonding technology is more expensive, but the only possibility. To this end, using special high-glued joints, which become stronger after curing the polymer material. It is fundamentally important to choose the right kind of glue, carefully handle bonding surfaces, providing the best adhesion (bond) adhesive composition with the material of bumper. It should be noted that subsequent sanding and painting with high-temperature drying should be subject to a Properties of the bond, so it is preferable to perform all work in one workshop. Only in very rare cases, bumper repair is economically less profitable than its replacement. These masters never you fail to repair, even if it is a unique tuning bumper, custom-made. Repair or tuning body kit bumper technology is no different from the native repair bumper established by the izgotovitilem car. Source: