My Wedding In Tulum

I remember the day of my wedding as the happiest of my life. When the idea of performing it in the Mexican Caribbean (Tulum) ilusione me so much that I couldn’t believe it. The first thing I thought was to meet Stefan family, mine and nomadic friends to spend that day with the people that we want to, but then I thought, and how am I going to do to serve all. The idea if one was wonderful, a wedding on the beach, with our loved ones in the Riviera maya, but he had no idea of everything that involves organizing a wedding of this type and mainly because I didn’t know the place, or how I could do you to get what you wanted at my wedding. Luckily a friend recommended me an agency that takes care of everything.

I really just thought in me and how happy that I would feel, never it occurred to me what was going to do with the guests or what we do before and after the wedding, but the Agency was in charge of everything. When we contacted them they asked us what kind of wedding we wanted, I didn’t believe that there were so many options, the truth I am a traditional family and I imagined my white dress and a beautiful ceremony but all within normal, but they have much variety and are adapted according to the religion or the taste of each couple, at first it was difficult to say but with his todotulum turned out very simple. Since we arrived two days before the wedding only to Tulum we receive attentions and good advice for the wedding, at the beginning I wanted a typical wedding, but in the end I decided on a Mayan ceremony. They adorned with beautiful flowers and the ritual of the 4 winds was made, we were told that the ritual was an invocation of forces and positive energies, when our friends and family surrounded us and we were in the center of the circle before the altar, I felt totally different and really who felt those magical energies. The next day they organized a tour of the most visited places of the Riviera Maya, they are incredible: the pyramids, the beaches, sacred cenotes, Mayan culture and the party atmosphere are unparalleled. I think I couldn’t make a better choice. Celebrate my wedding in the Caribbean and have a Mexican team as Tulum Weddings Destination expert par excellence of the traditions and the most incredible places and magic was certainly a good decision.