You lie the Argentina or the IMF? 20 May 2009 opened a new chapter between the Argentine Government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This time, the differences go through the strength of the fiscal surplus for Argentina, which would be, in the projections of the Agency International, far from official projections. It generates fear the IMF with its warning or intended to help warn about the fragile situation that would be generating? Meanwhile, yesterday spread the data of the primary fiscal outcome for the month of April which showed a surplus of $843,4, which implies an annual fall of 69.7% (with earnings inflated by inflation and increased revenues from the nationalization of the social security system). For the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, all analysis involving a negative comment about the macroeconomic strength of the economy cannot be taken otherwise that is not as an attack to its management. Is evidenced that the President maintains the line of her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, in this aspect. Projections that performs the IMF about the fiscal surplus of the Argentine Government are nearly eight times less than those carried out by local authorities, according to ambito Financiero let him reflected in yesterday.

For the Argentine Government, the fiscal surplus will be 3.1 per cent of GDP, according to estimates in the 2009 budget law, while for the International Monetary Fund, hardly reached 0.4% of GDP. Of course, that this big difference well could be reduced in the new estimates that at these times must be doing the Argentine authorities at the apparent deterioration of the economy. Why there is so much difference in the estimates? A key element can be found in the growth projection. The IMF hopes argentina’s economy to shrink 1.5%, very questioned data by the Argentine Government. Another element that could lead to an underestimation of the fiscal surplus by the IMF is the inflationary issue.


If you come to Marrakech, you will find a wide range of possibilities for your accommodation: riads, hotels, chalets, apartments, etc. Since the riads are a type of very particular, exclusive accommodation in Morocco, not everyone has a clear idea about what are in fact, the services offered and the advantages offered. The majority of the visitors in Marrakech single riads because they think that, together, have more advantages if compared with a hotel and, in fact, there are several reasons for this. Firstly, the riads in Marrakech are quite economical and, almost always, offer the same services as hotels. Most of the riads have its own swimming pool, its spa and its hammam or traditional Turkish bath, its restaurant and its bar, as well as offering its own means of transport for their guests.

Also many riads will help you to rent a car or a table at a restaurant, will guide them to the places of greatest interest in the city or even to plan their expeditions Golf, fishing, surfing or any other activity of leisure, as well as to organise your excursions and tours. Another good reason to stay in a riad instead of in a hotel is that your experience of the city will be completely different. Hotels in Marrakech are normally on the periphery of the city, in the new neighbourhood Centre, while the riads are within the medina or old town. In this sense, when you stay in a riad are very close souks, historical monuments and the famous square Jemaa el Fna. Staying in a riad, they will have the opportunity to experience first hand the charm and magic of the narrow streets and alleys of the medina, with its street vendors, their traditional means of transport and their thousand and some picturesque and exotic urban scenes. In addition, the riads are often found on quiet streets and calm, a fact that will allow them to have privacy and serenity while they have all the city’s attractions by hand. In contrast to this, hotels tend to be busy and noisy and your service is more impersonal and less close. Even if the hotels of Marrakech, as everywhere, propose excellent services and are very comfortable, you will find that a stay in a riad will offer the same services as a hotel, but also propose them also a family and cordial atmosphere and a hospitable and attentive staff.

So, if you want to visit Marrakech during your next vacation, I recommend you to choose a riad for your accommodation, to enjoy the most of your stay. There are countless riads in Marrakech, the majority of which offer services of premium quality and an incomparable atmosphere. Some of these riads will even offer them the opportunity to also stay in a fantastic Villa in Marrakech, where luxury and comfort are, however, very affordable. If you choose a riad for your stay in Marrakech, they will certainly want to return to this magical city.

My Wedding In Tulum

I remember the day of my wedding as the happiest of my life. When the idea of performing it in the Mexican Caribbean (Tulum) ilusione me so much that I couldn’t believe it. The first thing I thought was to meet Stefan family, mine and nomadic friends to spend that day with the people that we want to, but then I thought, and how am I going to do to serve all. The idea if one was wonderful, a wedding on the beach, with our loved ones in the Riviera maya, but he had no idea of everything that involves organizing a wedding of this type and mainly because I didn’t know the place, or how I could do you to get what you wanted at my wedding. Luckily a friend recommended me an agency that takes care of everything.

I really just thought in me and how happy that I would feel, never it occurred to me what was going to do with the guests or what we do before and after the wedding, but the Agency was in charge of everything. When we contacted them they asked us what kind of wedding we wanted, I didn’t believe that there were so many options, the truth I am a traditional family and I imagined my white dress and a beautiful ceremony but all within normal, but they have much variety and are adapted according to the religion or the taste of each couple, at first it was difficult to say but with his todotulum turned out very simple. Since we arrived two days before the wedding only to Tulum we receive attentions and good advice for the wedding, at the beginning I wanted a typical wedding, but in the end I decided on a Mayan ceremony. They adorned with beautiful flowers and the ritual of the 4 winds was made, we were told that the ritual was an invocation of forces and positive energies, when our friends and family surrounded us and we were in the center of the circle before the altar, I felt totally different and really who felt those magical energies. The next day they organized a tour of the most visited places of the Riviera Maya, they are incredible: the pyramids, the beaches, sacred cenotes, Mayan culture and the party atmosphere are unparalleled. I think I couldn’t make a better choice. Celebrate my wedding in the Caribbean and have a Mexican team as Tulum Weddings Destination expert par excellence of the traditions and the most incredible places and magic was certainly a good decision.

Paulo Coelho

While you are more specific with what you want, the things will leave you to your own liking, you will feel satisfied, pleased, with a proper self-esteem. 2. It is important that you start to auto – get to know you know how you are, evaluate your thoughts and discover your true self. 3. It is necessary to have the will to change, make your own decisions and hold you responsible for your own life. 4.

Surround yourself with positive and motivating people because that is contagious, friendships that can provide positive things into your life, who are enthusiastic, proactive, with winning attitude, with a proper self-esteem. 5 Work firmly in increase your self-esteem, believes that your chances are many and not give up before the failure. Don’t be overcome by low self-esteem 6. When you consider doing something focus on the result rather than the process, that motivates you more. Play with your imagination and it assumes within you that your goals have already been met, burn in your mind that pleasant success feeling so that the motivation is greater and that your self-esteem is adequate. 7 Seeks to put passion in what you do so not you like, keep in mind that everything in life does not necessarily have to be nice, there are things you may not like but have to make them for your sake. For example: but you like exercising because you’ve become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle which does not bring anything good into your life, it will touch you do a bit of exercise or at least take a walk to retrieve your physical activity. So you don’t like will have to take into account the benefits that brings to your life to do a little exercise, having a healthy weight, relax, learn to breathe better and improve your quality of life.

Do not look in the process but in the result and the benefit that brings every thing you do for your sake and to increase you self-esteem. Keep in mind these valuable tips that you find motivation in every project you undertake or each goal that you want to meet in life. Remember that to be motivated also it is necessary to increase self-esteem.

The Same

Of course this arrangement provided the customer to pay on time and in a way, if the customer violates the statutes of the agreement, the agreement becomes automatically null and the creditor has the ability to collect on your right in the way that believe you (demand). That remains in your record indefinitely and applying for a loan to start a business is also not insured. With this type of customers which is the consolidation of debt is not an option, since this type of industry only helps people who are not behind in their payments. The negotiation of debt could be the best choice for these customers. This option which makes is that does not reduce the interest (as the consolidation), but it reduces the total balances for debts, generally between 40%. Fees are generally 13% but there are companies that charge only 10%.

The best companies have their negotiators inside his own Office and cotizaran from the very beginning to the client in a total 50% of its debt. They must manage an account protected by the FDIC with a private company and they can never keep money Neither customer nor the negotiator’s debts, this is for protection of the same client. Demand risk is high, but a good debt settlement company must have the ability to negotiate the demands to 60% of the total debt, but the most important is you should be able to provide all the information, both the negative and positive program. The company that we recommend on this occasion is debt free, website and phone is 1-800-213-9968 client B type is one that is in a medium-sized economic stability, i.e., once you pay your debts remaining a minimum financial remnant for expenditure, or for savings. This kind of people have the ability to recover within one to three months in a medium economic emergency.