New Credit Assessment

Thursday, March 31, 2011. Moody s the international credit rating agency announced that it would downgrade the credit rating of the human race from AA to 1 of the BBC 2, a spokesman announced today. The person who spoke on behalf of the Agency of credit was quoted as saying that the reduction was due to the volatility and uncertainty that are taking place around the world at the present time and doubts about the sustainability of the policies currently pursued by Governments around the world. This person was quoted as saying that there are enormous benefits in the long term to do right now, but that the risks were very high and that, in general, we recommend buying short. This person was the hope that there would be more news in the near future, but pointed out that the events unfolded rapidly and that in the circumstances which recommends diversity and versatility to all its customers worldwide. This person was quoted as saying that the Agency was expecting to issue a statement to the day very soon. Important new statement by Moody s, the international credit rating agency. The person he spoke on behalf of the Agency’s credit, as it was cited, that due to the seriousness of the situation of Moody s are assessing the gravity and the seriousness of developments 24 / 7 and issue statements updated in the very near future.