Paint Pictures

The most prevalent reason for choosing paint oil paintings is the ductility. This kind of painting allows us to make corrections even after they have been painted without amending the final work. This useful characteristic is that the oil paintings take longer than usual to pass dry completely, this feature is called oiliness. It is estimated that oil paintings need several months to dry in order to observe the final result. If you choose to learn to paint with oils, these are the materials you'll need for your future projects: Oil, canvas, flat and round brushes, easel, paint thinner, rags, palette knives, palette and paint spray. To change the colors and tones to obtain subtle or opaque, oil can be thinned with turpentine or paint thinner. case. This is a very important step to work with different colors.

The natural drying is the most recommended tables to watch the final work, but if you need to accelerate the process for some reason, many people use the drying cobalt. This product should be used in small quantities. The thickness of the layers determine the drying time. The surface with oil paint may vary depending on the preferences of the painter, the canvas is the most used material worldwide. With respect to the brushes, they also vary depending on the sow and brush size. Not all strokes can be made with one type of brush. For those who are just starting in this fascinating art are encouraged to make a sketch or rough draft of what they want to paint and then pass it to the canvas. More experienced painters can start from the front without any problem. As a final step and in order to protect the paintings from any external damage is recommended to apply the varnish, but only when all sections are dry.