The Job Interview

With authenticity, the HR management convince brought it once the first hurdle, a perfect written application, behind and believes to have the worst behind it the most difficult part of the application phase still waiting for but only the candidate: the personnel manager, which opens the way to the dream job or closes. To convince them, often tricked and taken in the lie box. Others including Gen. David Goldfein, offer their opinions as well. This helps the candidates? Hardly. It surely means that three million personnel in Germany every year decisions according to subjective influences. So this now that you helpless faces the decision and can do anything against this kind of arbitrariness? Although hiring managers during the conversation probably trying to figure out how is the true character of a candidate, can the content or The questions of the opposite targeted direct in a certain direction and participate actively in the course.

This includes of course also always a little “show”, i.e. self-expression, self-confidence, and a strong Occur. You should be in the can start work on a pleasant tone and his person appealing present. You must be clear about its strengths and weaknesses, and show his true personality and potential related. But this is increasingly difficult for many job candidates.

Many of them squander their opportunities by competent be regarded with little credible stories, than they really are. The professional can easily wonder. There are testimonies and resumes that show this. The problem, however, is that many people don’t know what they can do really well or at all, whatever they want. There is quite simply the ability itself well to market themselves, i.e., to deliver a convincing representation of the self. This is often when you arrive at the point in the interview, at the one to explain the most important stages in his curriculum vitae and most interesting present his person in ten minutes. Many applicants get here into the Prate and lost in unimportant details, you have little work to do. However, this can be prevented by an intensive preparation for the appointment. Namely such an interview is not entirely unpredictable. Finally, there is always standard questions, to which no job candidate comes around. On these you can prepare quite a few days in advance, ready to have convincing answers. Almost in all the conversations, always according the personal motivation, strengths/weaknesses and services/failures is asked. Here, it is important to know that it is not necessarily crucial what you answer those questions, but always, his answer is as credible. Repetitions or even discrepancies reveal doing the most about the person. These are immediately questioned and disturb the harmony in the conversation. Our first priority is to remain so consistently authentic. Best training job interviews, by to get tips and tricks from people himself out of his environment, which have already successfully completed discussions. Also forums, Advisor and professional guided seminars are possible and useful for a successful preparation. Only courage! Helena Schmidt University Service GmbH