Popular Tram

The story of world history tram tram tram started with – a horse-drawn tram. The first tram saw the people of Baltimore, Maryland, in 1828. Next tram has evolved, and horses replaced the rope pull. It happened in 1880 in San Francisco. Rope, which pulled the rolling stock, safety was placed in a special trench, laid between the rails.

Incidentally, the first tram on the cable-drawn successfully lasted until our days, and today is one of the main attractions of San Francisco. In between these two technologies in some cities in Russia and Europe worked Petrol trams. However, high levels of noise and exhaust gases are not allowed Petrol trams to find widespread application. Since then, the electric tram has changed little. Improved electric motors, salon became more comfortable and safe for passengers. But the basic principle of electric traction and control trams survived intact. Trams cities of Greece in Greece tram appeared already in the twentieth century.

In 1910 the first tram line was laid in Athens. The first tram of Athens, and it was antiquated trolley, carried passengers on the center of the Greek capital just a few hours a day, preferably morning and evening. Electric tram appeared in Greece relatively late, only at the end of 1920. Tram solved the transport problems in Athens until 1964, when the then authorities have decided to abandon the tram because of high cost of laying new and Support working condition of the old lines. Athens tram only revived 44 years, on the eve of the Olympic Games.