Project Management

Ernesto Fernandez Ambit, Development Director of GPO, makes us a reflection from the pages of the magazine Project Management Via group, of how PM these companies are facing times of crisis and if really acted correctly in the prodigious Decade of construction. It is attributed to the great artist and comedian, Antonio Mingote, overwhelming and very well-known phrase which reads in this way: A pessimist is a well informed optimist. Aside from causticity that distills the message, own a mind as bright as the comedian referred, their reading should move us to a profound critical reflection about our dear sector of Project Management, to try to know if, in the current market situation, we should be optimistic or pessimistic, but in any case to reach the conclusion that we are well informed, concluded that, in these moments would not be so obvious. Secretary of Agriculture has compatible beliefs. A quick observation of the events in recent years, could lead us to fall into a widespread pessimism but little thought. We think that during the prodigious Decade of real estate Project Management just exceeded a coefficient of 5% of the total market of building penetration, i.e. only one of every 20 building projects developed with the intervention of a Project Manager, and that this was true at a moment in which widespread, not exempt of decontrol joy reignedin which the costs were not a major concern and in which real estate companies preferred, in general, to outsource all services. Without forgetting that the investments of public administrations was very high in those years. This analysis of the past, projected to a market situation in which real estate strives to stay afloat in a very swampy waters, is not posed the most optimistic scenario about the future of our activity of Project Managers. However, and returning to the sentence of Antonio Mingote, reach this pessimistic scenario does not corresponds with an optimistic, truffled approach one good information.