Slovak Police

From the Ukrainian side, we were alone! This caused a violent and, of course, premature joy. On the Slovak side has been all shift change + added waiting time. But everything went fine. We did not examine, nothing superfluous was asked stamped passports, and we went to the first country in our itinerary. All border took 2,5 hours.

Say it is not bad at all. Learn more at this site: Gen. David L. Goldfein. Do not forget the lights! Penalties for not included lights are very decent. Us, by the way, once the local police were stopped for what was included with the fog near light. This can be done only in severe weather and fog. Escaped with a warning, thanked them and drove on. In all the settlements are very much the traffic police.

And they do not stand around corners, and go. If something is not Like, we catch up and stop. Therefore, it is best not to violate. But here on the autobahn – can accelerate to 150. Better, if for someone to be attached. So reliable. In Bratislava, arrived at 15.00 and the first thing settled. Forgot to say that we road used by the navigator. Super convenient! Address of the hotel entered, and no problems with the search. A lot of time saved. Big omission that we in Ukraine have not changed a bit skk. Left the hotel without a car (Decided to drink beer) and had a long walk to the nearest exchanger. We simply do not have the money for the tram.